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Turnkey PCB Assembly Service

Turnkey PCB Assembly Service

In last 16 years, we have founded ourselves as a reliable full turnkey PCB service solution for PCB assembly prototypes as well as low-volume, mid-volume and high-volume production, and a one stop PCB manufacturing and assembly company. What you need to do when work with us is just to send the PCB Gerber file and requirements, and leave the rest work to us. Our printed circuit board (PCB) assembly services make use of our own PCB manufacturing facility, electronic components sourcing team and PCB assembly house in Shenzhen, China. PCB production/ fabrication, components sourcing, SMT assembly, testing and everything will be done under one roof.

All products manufactured by us, including bare PCB and PCB assemblies, are in compliance with IPC-A-600 & IPC-A-610. When assembling your PCBs, we provide you with quality and flexible PCB service and we conduct all our processes according to the strict standards. We are capable of providing full turnkey and partial turnkey printed circuit board assembly services from materials and components sourcing to shipping of finished PCB assemblies.

Full turnkey PCB assembly manufacturers handle every step of the assembly, our full turn-key PCB assembly service are divided into the following steps:

Printed Circuit Boards Manufacturing
Components Sourcing &Component Order Tracking
SMT Stencil
PCB Assembly
Quality Control
Packaging & Shipping
Whereas for partial turn-key (consigned) PCB assembly, you can provide us the bare PCBs and/or certain components with averages, and the remaining parts and other steps in turn-key service are provided by us.

By choosing the right turnkey PCB assembly supplier, you can eliminate the stress of sourcing, storing, and tracking your inventory, as well as delays and complexities of dealing with multiple vendors of PCB boards, electronic components, SMT stencil and PCB assembly house. With turn-key services from us, you can spend you time and focus on perfecting your design and leave the rest to us.

The Benefits of Turnkey PCB Assembly
Prototyping -Producing PCB prototypes and PCB assembly prototypes in traditional way is expensive and slow process. Multiple suppliers, order tracking, slow lead-times, and out-of-stock or hard-to-get components contribute to the hassle. Turnkey PCB assembly helps you build and refine your prototypes faster and more efficiently, getting your product to market faster.
Single point of contact – One supplier means one quote, one invoice, one email or call can lead to immediate and seamlessly changes. If dealing with multiple suppliers, one small change will create a ripple effect of delays and price changes across your suppliers.

You also have to spend a lot of time and energy make all appropriate person from all suppliers known this change and build your product as per your changes. By choosing a turnkey PCB assembly provider, you can be certain that the person you’re talking to is knowledgeable about your project and can quickly answer your questions and implement changes to your order.

Turn-key PCB Assembly is a popular approach to electronics manufacturing compared to the traditional assembly approach with features, like expensive, slow, error-prone and frustrating. Our full turnkey services are stepping up to meet the demands of today’s hardware designers at every stage of your electronics product manufacturing. With our full turn-key PCB assembly services whatever PCB Assembly Prototype, Low Volume PCB Assembly, or Mid Volume PCB Assembly and High Volume PCB Assembly, you will have a wonderful and seamless experience from your PCB design files to products launching into the market in such an easy way.

Our Lead-Free PCB Assembly Service uses special assembly procedures to assure compliance with Lead-free and RoHS directives. As a part of Lead-free assembly service, we (1) provide support to you the transition of RoHS compliant printed circuit boards; (2) assist to determine if the materials in your BOM meet lead free PCB Manufacturing requirements; (3) search lead-free electronic components for you and send you a BOM with appropriate components.